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About Us

International experiences that extend academic, career-based and cultural learning to the field, is a good thing. Our target: all post-secondary, in particular first-generation college, students and anyone who largely enters todays marketplace without a global competitive edge.





Our Mission

Preparing a new generation for a new world means: building program content that extends course work to the field. It also means lifting academic via hands-on experiences that differentiates talent and gives students a marketplace, labor force edge before they graduate.


Our Goals and Impact

  • Reduce recent graduate un and mal-employment
  • To expand the reach of Study Abroad/Global Engagement (SAGE) Partnership platform
  • To continue to collaborate with all stakeholders including local government and industry to develop program outcomes that add-value for participants and host-country, alike.
  • To develop a student-learning outcomes database to validate, as well as improve, program impact while monitoring student/graduate marketplace success.  


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