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About Us

Conceptualized in 2010 as a non profit to serve institutions with limited resources for international programming, founder and president: Steven W. Jones and Samuel A. Brooks we have always felt that international experiences, which extend academic and career-based learning in a global marketplace, strengthens learning. Our focus has always been on those communities that have traditionally had few options to study abroad and certainly not to advance career objectives.





Our Mission

Preparing a new generation for a new world means: building program content that extends course work to the field. It also means lifting academic via hands-on experiences that differentiates talent and gives students a marketplace, labor force edge before they graduate.


Our Goals and Impact

  • Reduce recent graduate un and mal-employment
  • To expand the reach of Study Abroad/Global Engagement (SAGE) Partnership platform
  • To continue to collaborate with all stakeholders including local government and industry to develop program outcomes that add-value for participants and host-country, alike.
  • To develop a student-learning outcomes database to validate, as well as improve, program impact while monitoring student/graduate marketplace success.  


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